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Why Are People Falling for Phishing Scams?

It’s important to tread lightly when browsing the web to avoid malicious software. Learn how and why people get phished, and how you can prevent it.

Were you ever emailed a random job offer that sounded too good to be true? Have you gotten a grammatically incorrect email that asked for your money? If you answered yes, then someone likely attempted to lure you into a phishing scheme.

What is phishing?

According to Merriam-Webster, phishing is “a scam by which an email user is duped into revealing personal or confidential information which the scammer can use illicitly.” With the rise of social media, there has also been a proliferation of phishing schemes on Facebook and Twitter.

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Why do people get phished?

Some people may label those who get phished as “gullible,” but there is certainly more to the dilemma. Some phishing artists use extremely engaging tactics to try to reel in their bait. For instance, some faux-news articles use “clickbait,” or titles with enticing leads that encourage the reader to click. However, some of these clickbait articles lead to malware and other viruses that could plague your computer. If you ever suspect an article is utilizing clickbait for malicious reasons, check the URL to see if it will lead to a credible news source. Otherwise, steer clear of these sketchy websites.

Unfortunately, some people are struggling to make ends meet. Thus, phishing scams try to exploit the desperation of these people by praying on them with their schemes. If you are looking for work, be sure you are utilizing a credible job searching agency, and be careful not to fall for tempting yet suspicious emails that flood your inbox.

Further, a lot of people aren’t educated about the dangers of the world wide web. Older generations are now starting to use social media, so they can be more prone to phishing. If you notice someone on your Facebook page is posting suspicious articles, be sure to message them, because their account was likely hacked by a phisher.

Phishing happens every day, and several people have had millions of dollars stolen from them as a result of these heists. Be sure to educate others and yourself on the dangers of thieves on the internet. You could be saving you and your friends a lot of stress, money, and hassle.