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Here Are Some Phones Your Grandparents Will Love

Many senior citizens prefer simplicity when it comes to their cell phone. These phones are designed with this preference — and safety — in mind.

As the smartphone and app industry continues to expand and evolve, there is one demographic that remains consistently less engaged with new tech: older generations and senior citizens. Although many currently use smartphones, a large portion of the older generations simply do not need smartphone capabilities or data plans for their daily lives. However, many enjoy using newer technology in order to stay connected to family.

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In order to get older generations interested in smartphones, a range of cell phone providers have produced models specifically geared towards the elderly — to both help them keep in touch with loved ones, and provide easy-access emergency calling in case of an incident.

Phone companies like GreatCall, Consumer Cellular, Samsung, and Emporia have all come out with designs for senior citizens in the past couple of years. Phones like the Jitterbug5 and the Doro PhoneEasy 626 boast similar features: a large keypad; a bright, large-text LED screen; and a button on the back for immediate emergency calls. The contacts are limited but easily accessible, with photo capabilities and a built-in, high-powered flashlight on the back.

There are also options for senior citizens who already have smartphones not specifically designed with these features. Third-party launchers like Large Launcher or BIG Launcher both enlarge the font size and simplify the phone’s menu style, without any additional effort. These interfaces are free to download from the Google Play store.

If you’re looking for a more intuitive smartphone for an elderly person you know, these companies have also designed lines of Android devices solely for seniors as well. The Jitterbug Touch (or the Jitterbug Smart), Emporia Smart, and Doro Liberto 825 all have 5-inch screens with large buttons and simple, condensed lists of apps in the menu. They are compatible with hearing aids, and the Doro model even allows family members or caregivers to make adjustments remotely. These smartphones streamline the navigation process while allowing for versatile usage.