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How to Play Keepie Uppie on Facebook Messenger

Keepie Uppie, a challenging game of using your feet to keep a ball from touching the ground for as long as you can, can now be played on Facebook Messenger.

Keepie Uppie, a highly addictive soccer ball game, can be played on Facebook Messenger. It is also a hidden game that many people may not be aware exists or how to get to it. Though, this does not mean that the game is difficult to access or play. To begin, it’s as simple as sending the soccer ball emoji.

How to Play Keepie Uppie on Facebook

The first thing that you need to do to be able to access the Keepie Uppie game is to make sure that your device is up to date with the latest version of Facebook Messenger. Next, you need to start a chat with one of your contacts with whom you would like to play Keepie Uppie. Send this person the emoji of a soccer ball. After sending the emoji, tap on the emoji which is still present on your device.

Facebook Messenger then allows the Keepie Uppie game to be played and keeps track of the high score for the players. Simply tapping on the ball keeps it in the air. Although the game doesn’t seem to be extremely challenging, don’t expect to rack up a high score too easily. Most players do not achieve a high score that is much above 10.

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Other Hidden Games on Facebook Messenger

Keepie Uppie is not the only hidden game on Facebook Messenger; the app has a basketball game that can be played the same way. Furthermore, there is a hidden football Easter egg game available on the site as well. You can also access a hidden chess game by typing “@fbchess” — a nice game board filled with chess pieces appears and pieces can be moved around rather easily by typing in the first letter of the piece that you want to move.