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How to Play Music As Soon As Your Headphones Are Plugged In

You use your phone for everything, including listening to music. Learn how to play music on your phone automatically when you plug in your headphone.

Do you want your music application to automatically launch before going on a run, for a quick escape through some tunes? Or do you want to plug your headphones into your phone after an exhausting day at work, without the hassle of opening the music app on your phone? No matter which music application you’re partial to, the following are some options on how to play your music instantly whenever you plug your headphones into your Android device.

Plug In Launcher by Craig Pretzel is a free download for Android that will allow you to launch a certain app whenever anything is plugged into the device. It is a simple app made specifically for this task. In addition to being able to launch the music player whenever you plug your headphones into your phone, you can also set other applications to launch whenever you plug the power cord, for example, into the device. Simply select “Power/USB” or “Headset,” and which application you want to launch, such as Google Play’s music app. You can even control whether or not a dialog is displayed every time you connect a cable.

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Headphones Connect by Skytrait (also free to download) is another way to automatically launch your music app. You can also choose other apps to launch whenever you plug in your headphones, such as Netflix or Google Play Movies & TV, from a list of apps of your choosing. Once the app is installed on your device, you can turn off the constant Headphone Connect notification in Settings.

You can also instantly play music or other applications whenever Bluetooth headphones are connected to the device. Other perks include the option to delay tasks whenever performing an action, the ability to automatically adjust the volume whenever headphones are connected, or the ability to blacklist certain apps that may interfere with the app you’re currently using.

Another option is to download Tasker by Crafty Apps EU. This app is $2.99 to purchase, but has more to offer than Plug In Launcher or Headphones Connect — it is a total automation app. It is a good option if you want to further customize the tasks on your device, in addition to auto-starting your music app whenever headphones are plugged into the phone. Using Tasker can be slightly more complicated for those who aren’t tech-savvy, so be sure to look up a tutorial explaining the app if you think this is the right option for you.

While you are listening to your music, make sure you download PowerPRO by PSafe to help extend the life of your phone. More battery power means more time to rock out to your favorite tunes.