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You Can Plug a Mouse into Your Android

Ever wish that your Android could be controlled more like your laptop or computer? Well, you're in luck because you can plug a mouse into your Android.

Who would have thought that you could use your phone exactly like a computer? Androids, unlike iPhones, have an added USB port so you can now plug your mouse into your phone for added control. Add to this phones that are growing in power and physical size, and your Android really will resemble a computer. In addition to the mouse, there are many more things that you can plug in, as well.

What to Do First
The first step in connecting a mouse to your Android is to download an app to make the transition smoother. One app that is often recommended is DeskDock because it makes the connection fast and easy. After you download the app and set up the server, you can then move on to the second step.

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The Next Step to Take
Now that you’ve downloaded a server, it’s time to plug in your mouse. You first can take your mouse out from your computer by unplugging it. Then you will want to locate the USB drive on your phone. After that, you can simply plug your mouse into your Android and you’re ready to go.

Benefits of Using a Mouse with Your Android
For some people, the touch screen of their Android phone works perfectly well and they have no issues with selecting apps or links. However, others may require more accuracy when using their phone. By adding a mouse, you can have extreme accuracy when using your Android phone. If your fingers are too big to hit the tiny keys when typing, then the mouse is the perfect addition to ensure that you will no longer make typing mistakes. The mouse can also be helpful if your phone screen is cracked or broken. If your phone is cracked but still useable, then using a mouse to click is the safest way to use your phone without accidentally getting a shard of glass in your finger.

What Else Can You Plug Into Your Android?
Basically, the sky’s the limit! You can plug anything that has a USB connector. Many people plug in their PlayStation controller so that they can play their video games remotely on their phone. All you need to connect these devices to your phone is a converter micro-USB to USB cable. You can buy this cord anywhere; it’s available on sites like eBay and Amazon for a little less than a few dollars.