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The Polaroid Swing App is Coming to Android

Have you ever wanted your photos to be more than just “still life”? Now they can be with the Polaroid Swing app. Learn more about all that it has to offer.

You may have grown up using Polaroid instant cameras, or maybe you know of them because they’ve recently come back in style. Polaroid has reinvented themselves for the modern age, and now offers more than a selection of instant cameras. They also offer smart phones, wireless printers, dash cams, tablets, televisions, and apps.

One of their most popular apps, Polaroid Swing, is another way to view your shot — by capturing and viewing it in motion. This essentially turns your images into 3D images. If you ever wanted your photos to “come alive” like those in the magical world of Harry Potter, then this is the app for you.

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The Polaroid Swing app, which is currently available for iPhones, will soon be available for Android devices through the Play store. Here’s all that you need to know about the app before you download it:

How it Works
Polaroid Swing is similar to other GIF-making apps, like Boomerang, but it sets itself apart in many ways. You begin by capturing a “one-second” photo and choosing a filter. The app can capture up to 60 frames per second, which makes for a smoother animated photo. The photos are then “activated” by moving your phone side to side, or else by moving your finger over the photo. Move your phone to the left to go backwards in time, and right to move time forward. The photo will move according to the speed you move your phone. If you move your phone slowly, for example, the photo will move in slow motion. You can also view these photos on your computer, in the same fashion, but instead of moving your device you move your cursor back and forth over the image. Play around with the app and see which moments look best in this format. This might include images of fireworks, or an incredible dance move.

A positive aspect of the app is that you can easily share your photos on Facebook or other social media platforms. Your friends and family can then view your photos, in motion — no download of the app necessary. It’s another way to capture and view your best memories. It’s in your control, and at whatever speed you choose — the photos will not move unless you’re moving them. Polaroid’s focus on the full experience of an “instant,” combined with the company’s trend-factor, could make this app especially popular among those who grew up with Polaroid cameras. But only time will tell if it can be a true competitor to other GIF-making applications.