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Which Popular Apps Use the Most Storage Space?

Some apps take up so much space on your phone that you can’t download all the programs you’d like to. Here are some popular apps that are serious space hogs.

Your phone only has limited storage space available, meaning that you don’t have the space to download each app that catches your eye. Sometimes, you have apps lingering on your phone that you don’t use or want anymore. To get rid of those unwanted apps, use App Manager. Click here to quickly remove unwanted apps from your device:

The App Manager lets you get rid of the apps you don’t want any more with just one click, saving you time and freeing up space on your phone. Instead of manually deleting apps you no longer use, App Manager allows you to see a list of your apps and quickly uninstall any old apps. These are the biggest app space sucks you want to avoid to ensure you have enough space on your device.

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Yes, the social media giant takes up a lot of space on your phone, topping the list of some rankings as the biggest space suck of all. At a minimum, Facebook takes up 200MB of storage. Facebook Messenger is in its own category; the messenger, which isn’t a part of the Facebook app, also takes up a significant number of MBs.


Perhaps it isn’t surprising that a music streaming service top the lists of the biggest storage hogs on Android. With such an extensive catalog, Spotify’s cache can take up more and more space on your device, with some users reporting that it takes up nearly 2GB of internal memory on their Androids.


Like Spotify, the photo-sharing social media channel caches files, which is one of the reasons that the app might take up more room on your phone. Even though the more you use Instagram, the more photos will be stored, you’re in luck: the app’s cache resets weekly so it won’t become completely unmanageable.


Snapchat isn’t such a big offender when you first download it, clocking in at around 3MB to download. However, like the other apps, it starts growing and growing the more you use the app. As your cache accumulates, you might find that Snapchat uses 10MB or more of your storage space.

If any of your favorite apps are on this list, you might be better off getting rid of them using App Manager. A fast phone with sufficient storage space is often worth more than even the most popular app.