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Here Are Some of the Most Popular Movie Review Apps

Before you jump in the car and head to the theater, make sure the movie is worth the ticket. Install one of these review apps and read up on the latest flicks.

There are many ways to ensure a movie is a prime choice for entertainment. However, with Youtube and other review sites, there is the risk of spoilers or untrustworthy write-ups that don’t give an accurate portrayal of the film in question. Check out a few apps below that will provide information, but not too much, before you see your next film.

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Movies by Flixster

This app does it all. Movies by Flixster allows users to browse current and upcoming movies, as well as see the ratings and feedback about movies out now. It also features movie scores by Rotten Tomatoes, a popular review site. There’s also the option of purchasing tickets in advance and bookmarking films for a future screening. Flixster Inc. touts itself as one of the most downloaded movie apps of all time, and it is also one of the top-scoring options available for Android.

Movie Review

Consumers are often the best critics, and this app lets users see real opinions and reviews from those that have seen the movie first. It also provides details about casting, production, and the crews that worked to create the film. Users can create an account to keep track of listings and their own personal favorites. This app is easy to navigate, useful, and free.

Movie Reviews (Voice)

This concept is new to review apps, but is catching fire as of late. It offers a journalistic aspect of recording voice bites to provide feedback on a film, so listeners can get a real-time review that is unique and vocal. No reading is required for this free app, and those with the app can rate the recordings to their liking.

Plugged In – Movie Reviews

For families and younger audiences, reading up on a film to see if it is age appropriate is a wise move. This app allows users to view articles and ratings to see if it stands up to a kid-friendly rating, and it provides newsletters and emails regarding upcoming movies as well. Plugged In reflects positive values for entertainment viewing, and they take pride in their discretional usage. Use this app next time the little ones want to join in on a movie date.