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How to Prevent Security Cameras From Being Hacked

Many people use IP security cameras to protect themselves. Unfortunately, these security cameras themselves can also be vulnerable to hackers.

As IP security camera technology is getting easier to use, more people are purchasing security cameras to watch their property. The problem, of course, is with increased technology often comes increased security risks. In this case, security cameras can pose problems because hackers can break into these systems. Here are five ways you can make sure your camera is protected from voyeurs.

Localize Your Cameras
You don’t need to connect your home security camera to the Internet at all. Instead, you can hook up your camera to a local network and then set up a non-routable internal IP address. Your camera manufacturer’s website will usually give you instructions on setting up this kind of non-routable camera.

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Add Passwords to Your Cameras
While not every security camera comes with password protection, you can still password-protect your camera. Most cameras let you set up a password in the initial setup, but you can also add one later in your settings, as well. You want to make sure that you set up a strong password that includes a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. Make sure you change it regularly.

Encrypt Your Wireless
If your camera is wireless, you want to make sure you’re joining a wireless network that can’t be accessed by people trying to find your video. The best wireless you can join is an encrypted network – look for a WPA2 encrypted network on your new camera device.

Update Firmware
If there are problems with your camera’s firmware, the manufacturer usually will repair these problems in newer firmware versions. Make sure you’re checking your camera manufacturer’s website to see if any updates have been made. You want to make sure that your camera has up-to-the-minute security features.

Keep Your Camera Out of Private Areas
The best way to keep any embarrassing footage off the Internet is to make sure you keep your camera out of places you wouldn’t want footage seen. While it might be creepy to see yourself online eating dinner, that kind of footage isn’t as creepy as other footage types that could be posted.

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