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Here Are the Pros and Cons of Find My Friends

Although this app has helped people to stay in touch and keep friends safe by revealing their location, there are many considerable drawbacks to keep in mind.

Some people really love the Find My Friends app because the app can help you find your friends whether or not they contact you. You don’t need to wait around for your friend to text you back to see where they are or what they’re doing. But there are some downsides to this app because hackers and thieves can hack into your Find My Friends account and possibly locate you without your permission. Imagine, too, if your phone falls into the wrong hands. Try out the anti-theft feature in dfndr security before thieves have your phone in the event of loss or theft:

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Pros of Find My Friends
This app makes it easy and fun to locate where your friends and family are. All you have to do is request for them to add you as a contact on the app, and once you accept, you will be given access to where they are.

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There are also many privacy controls on the app that are very helpful. If there’s a moment where you don’t want certain friends to see where you’re located (maybe a surprise party or you’re on a date and don’t want to be bothered), you can mute those friends and they won’t be able to see you. The app is also great because it can help you keep your friends safe. If you’re concerned about a friend’s well being and haven’t heard from them in a while, you can simply use the app to see where they are.

Cons of Find My Friends
One downside to the app is that it does cost money to use. Find My Friends has a small, one-time fee of 99 cents. This fee may deter many people from downloading the app, so the app does have a smaller user base than other popular apps like Twitter and Facebook. Another negative aspect of Find my Friends is that you may get requests from people you don’t know and people you don’t want to have access to your location. This isn’t a big deal often, but it is a bit of a hassle to constantly reject strangers from accessing your location.

Finally, this app has a major downside because hackers can access the app, hack your personal information, and be able to locate you. Once the hackers have your location, they may have access to your address. Think about the pros and cons before downloading this app.