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The Pros and Cons of Immediately Upgrading Your Smartphone

It can be tempting to upgrade your smartphone every time a new one is released. Learn more about the pros and cons of upgrades now.

Buying a new smartphone every year, or any time a new model is available, isn’t for everyone. You might prefer to keep your device until it breaks, or else upgrade every two years. Below are the pros and cons to upgrading your device frequently.

Pros of Immediately Upgrading Your Smartphone:

  • Enhanced Features. If you love smartphones, then newer features are the ultimate treat. Your new phone will be even faster and will offer better camera and video quality, better security features, and maybe even some new emojis. The list goes on. With Android 7.0 Nougat, for example, you finally can customize certain features of your device you previously could only alter by rooting your phone.
  • “Early Upgrade” Plans. If you have the extra cash and enjoy updating your phone with every new release, then leasing might be the option for you. While you’re not technically saving money by doing this, it might be worth it to get the luxury of the newest phone upgrade immediately.
  • Newer Software. With a new phone comes a serious software upgrade. Now that older software is more rapidly becoming obsolete, it is more necessary than ever to use the newest devices. Further, older operating systems can put your device at risk for security threats — especially if the manufacturer stops releasing updates for your older device. In addition, you might not realize that you’re not receiving those updates, which can give you a false sense of security.

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Cons of Immediately Upgrading Your Smartphone:

  • Cost. A new smartphone is often expensive, especially if you purchase it without a contract (at its retail price). Most phone plans offer the option of leasing a phone. While this move can appear to save you money if you choose to upgrade your phone every year, you’re actually spending significantly more than you would be if you bought the phone outright and kept it for two years.
  • It’s Unnecessary. Unless buying the newest phone model makes you happier than anything else in the world, then it’s fairly unnecessary to upgrade your device frequently. Major manufactures still support past software and will continue to release updates for your device (unless your device is really old). Plus, think of all you could buy with the money you didn’t spend on a new phone.
  • Not Worth the Upgrade. Other than a new look or one specific cool feature, the newest phone model might not offer that much. For the price tag, it might not seem worth the upgrade. Maybe new emojis just aren’t your thing.