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How to Protect Your Facebook Messenger Account From Hackers

Unfortunately, social networking apps aren’t as secure as they can — and should — be

There are various ways that you can ensure that your Facebook Messenger app is for your eyes only. One way you can protect your Messenger app from prying eyes is to add an extra layer of security. You can do this by locking your app with a password. That way, even if your device is unlocked by a malicious individual, all of the data on your Messenger app will be protected. Click here to lock your app and add password protection:

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Update Your Device and Apps

If you don’t think that phone or app updates are all that important, think again. These updates are often crucial for your device, and can come with necessary security patches, bug fixes, and software updates. They can protect your device and apps from vulnerabilities that hackers were able to manipulate in the previous version of the software. If possible, make sure that you’re using a newer Android phone, that you receive all app and software updates, and that you install these updates when they become available for your device.

Be Cautious of Suspicious Links

One of the easiest ways for a hacker to gain access to your account is by sending you a Facebook message containing a malicious link. Sometimes, these messages are sent by someone you don’t know — depending on your Facebook settings — but they can also be sent by one of your Facebook friends. If you receive a suspicious-looking link from someone you don’t really talk to (or even one of your closest friends), avoid it. If you receive that link from a close friend, send him a text or give him a call asking if that message was intentional or not. If it wasn’t, odds are his account was hacked. You can avoid this same fate by not clicking on any links from unknown sources, or links that seem unusual.

Scan Your Devices for Malware

If you use your Messenger app on a tablet and smartphone, be sure to scan both devices regularly for malware. Maybe you’re on top of security for one device, but not for another — and that could be the device that allows a hacker to access your account. Click here to scan your device for malware:

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