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Why You Should Protect Your Social Apps from Hackers

Don't leave your social network security to chance. Take a look at the Social Guardian feature in your DFNDR app to give your favorite networks extra protection.​

Social media is the ultimate way to connect. We check in, we chat, and we even send images and videos. But since all of that personal information is flowing between a wide variety of people, data thieves are interested in your information, too. Be conscious of this by clicking here to secure your social networking accounts with Social Guardian:

When it comes to the security of your apps, DFNDR does far more than keep you safe from viruses and malware. That’s where Social Guardian feature comes in handy. This unique feature keeps your social network accounts safe by allowing you to create an extra password to lock down your social apps. If you lose your phone or have it stolen, you can rest easier knowing that your social apps are protected.

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Secure Your Accounts with Strong Passwords

One password just isn’t enough when it comes to protecting your social media accounts. Too often, users on Facebook and other social networks use weak passwords. These passwords may be easy to remember but they are often too simple, which makes gives hackers an opportunity to break into your accounts.

One password can be tricky to bypass, but two passwords — especially when they follow the current best practices for a password — is almost impossible. Remember: don’t use any personal information in your password. Resist the urge to include your favorite color, your birthday, or the name of your significant other or child. Don’t use the names of your pets, the place you live, or simple “12345” passwords. Make it tricky, make it complicated, and rely on Social Guardian for that extra level of protection.

Change Your Passwords Regularly

What’s more, users don’t seem to remember to change their passwords often enough. Instead, they use the same password for their social networks, and sometimes across all of their social networks, without considering the consequences of those actions. A hacker could easily compromise all accounts if the same password is used for every account.

Social Media Apps Are Heavily Targeted by Hackers

An experienced hacker doesn’t need much time to mess with your phone, break into your accounts, and steal whatever information they need. Sometimes they will then create a copycat, duplicate account in order to prey upon your followers.

Your accounts could also be targeted by malicious individuals that you know. All it takes is one person who knows is angry at you to use what they know and break into your account. There are plenty of stories of break-ups, divorces, and feuds with friends. They could get into your account and act like you, posting things you typically wouldn’t want posted.