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Protecting Your Financial Information When Traveling Abroad

Traveling exposes you to a lot of new things. Make sure they're all good by taking these simple steps to protect your financial information.

Traveling abroad is an exciting and engaging experience, and you never want to catch yourself saying no to any situations because you are worried about losing valuable financial information. An easy way for others to steal your financial information is through your phone when it is connected to an unsafe Wi-Fi network. This is especially dangerous to do in foreign countries, where you are constantly connecting to any new Wi-Fi networks you can find so you can look up the next good place to eat, shop, or grab a cup of coffee. So, is the solution to simply not connect to the Internet when traveling abroad? No, of course not. Click here to use anti-hacking to remain safe online, no matter where you are:


As you might guess, most places offer Internet with no ulterior motive (besides luring you into the cafe, to begin with). But even with the best of intentions, a network can still be unsafe to use. That is why it is best to take advantage of the Anti-Hacking tool if you are using networks you don’t necessarily trust or know, or even when you’re using your own personal Wi-Fi network. anti-hacking will block you from unsafe or malicious websites, and protect you against phishing attempts. That way, you never have to worry about someone else accessing your personal information.

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Of course, even with anti-hacking in place, it is better to err on the side of caution. anti-hacking can protect you from entering your personal information on an unsafe website, but it does not protect against human error. It is important to keep your cell phone on you at all times, and it might be wise to not use sensitive apps (such as banking apps) while you are abroad.

If your phone is stolen, it is important that whoever gets it can do the least amount of damage possible. Before you travel abroad, make sure to activate the anti-theft feature so that you can remotely protect your device, even if it’s (literally) out of your hands. Click here to activate anti-theft now:


Debit and credit cards are susceptible to theft as well and in more than just one way. Identity thieves might be able to access the information you put into an ATM by installing a card reader, thus successfully taking your card number and pin. For this reason, it is best to exclusively use ATMs inside a bank, which have a much higher level of security and attentiveness.