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The Most Protective Cases for Your Android Phone

It’s hard to get a grip on your cell phone. Luckily, there are a number of cases that can almost guarantee your phone’s survival after a big drop.

It’s almost impossible to go a day without seeing at least one person with a cracked screen on their phone. These cracks can be incredibly burdensome depending upon their intensity. Plus, the cracks and lacerations on your phone ruin its aesthetics. It is important to provide proper protection to your phone so that it can fully function.

There are several different companies out there that provide these protective cases. Here are a few that produce maximum quality cases for competitive prices.

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The Tank lives up to its name, as it has met and exceeded standards presented by the US military in terms of strength and protection. It comes padded with a silicone interior to protect from impact, and its polycarbonate exterior adds extra protection. It has been tested to withstand nearly all elements — water, rain, sand, dust, shocks, and drops are no match for the tank that shields your device. Check out the video “Tank takes a beating” if you want to observe first-hand the immense protection this will provide your device. The company claims that 66% of smartphone failures result from cracked screens.

Don’t let the fancy designs fool you — the Otterbox cases can provide impeccable protection for your mobile device. With similar strengths to those of the Tank case, the Otterbox can survive nearly any fall. This is illustrated in the YouTube video “Otterbox Defender Series 23 Floors Ultimate Drop Test.” Yes, the device ended up surviving a 23 story drop. This alone is a testament to the fortification that Otterbox provides your phone. While these cases can run up to $60, it is a small price to pay to have an invincible phone.

G-Form Xtreme
The G-Form Xtreme utilizes an interesting new technology that allows the phone case to stiffen upon impact. This absorbs 90% of the force from impact and leaves the phone undamaged. The case also offers two levels of protection for extra insurance. It is both shock proof and pocket friendly. If you thought 23 stories was an impressive drop, the G-Form Xtreme survived a 100,000 foot fall from a hot air balloon unscathed.