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Quality Smartphone Photo Editing Apps You Can Get for Free

Searching for a way to produce stunning photos on a budget? You'd be surprised at how many award-winning photo editing apps are available at no cost.

Never has photo taking been so easy and sharing so prolific. From Instagram to Facebook to Flickr and Shutterfly, capturing moments from our daily lives and then sharing it with friends and family is just par for the course in our hyper-connected, social media driven lives. And yet, as many photos as we take, no one wants to post a mediocre photo. These days even your average Jane or Joe shooting with an Android still wants to present a MoMA ready work of art, whether they’re traveling in Thailand or simply walking their dog. The good news is, you can edit your pics like the pros without breaking bank.


One customer review names this app “A Must-Have App for All Serious Photographers.” For some, adding a quick Instagram filter will suffice to make a good photo. But if you’re the type who has a vision in mind, and you prefer to tweak and perfect your image, then go with a more professional app like Snapseed. It offers a great new user interface, the ability to retouch flaws with incredible accuracy, as well as the usual editorial tools, like options to modify contrast, highlights, brightness, and levels of saturation.

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Using the renown Adobe Photoshop Technology for its toolbox and winner of the 2015 Professional Photographer Hot One Awards in the Photo App category, Lightroom makes professional edits easy with just one-touch adjustments. And if these quick fixes are not enough, you have the option to fine tune your work with more precision by selecting the advanced tools feature. As a bonus, once you’ve played with the app and feel you’ve developed a consistent set of go-to edits, the app makes it easy to save these adjustments as a preference. Later on, you can easily apply these pre-set changes to new photos you upload.


If you’re more of a selfie or portrait photographer, this app is worth a try. Much like the name implies, it’s adept at the kind of touch ups most glamour magazines are known for. To create smooth, flawless skin and an impossible inner glow, choose from the app’s selection of blemish removers and teeth whiteners. For contouring, there are “slimming” tools, and you can even play with a range of radiance features to add luster to your eyes, or enhance your natural coloration with blush and mascara applications. In addition to these tools, Airbrush also offers a few minor editing options, such as cropping, and if you still aren’t sold, the app even lets you apply some of these edits before you even snap your pic.