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All About RAM Speed and How it Affects Your Gameplay

If you’re into Android gaming, then you’ll want a smartphone with enough RAM. But how does RAM affect how your games function?

Random Access Memory (RAM) is one of the most important indicators of a phone’s speed. The more RAM you have available, the faster your phone will perform. Of course, this is particularly relevant in gaming: the faster the phone’s performance, the better. If your games don’t seem to be running as quickly as you think they should, use the Game Booster feature to improve your games’ performance:

Game Booster frees up RAM to optimize gameplay. That way, you’ll no longer experience lagging or freezing as you play. You can also use the Memory Booster feature to further improve your phone’s performance, whether you’re playing a game or are on Facebook. Memory Booster lets you see which applications are running in your phone’s background and close them to speed up your device and free up RAM. Click here to improve your phone’s performance:

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Okay, so you know that more RAM can improve game play and phone speed. But what is RAM exactly? RAM is the function that allows for information storage and retrieval on your smartphone. RAM is more efficient than a hard-drive, for example, because it accesses data randomly, not sequentially. This means that, when you turn off your device, all RAM is lost.

When is More RAM Necessary?

Mostly, RAM is needed to run multiple functions at the same time. That means that if you have several apps running in the background along with browser tabs open, these apps will start slowing down if your RAM is low. If you have more RAM on your phone — or if you let your phone stop multitasking so much — your phone’s games will run much more efficiently.

Many Androids have had problems with 1GB of RAM or less. With such limited RAM, the Android operating system doesn’t function very smoothly. If you’re into Android gaming, you should aim to buy an Android with 2GB of RAM or more. However, it isn’t rare for some big gamers to need 4 or even 8GB of RAM to reach peak performance.

A higher RAM speed really matters if you’re playing games that require integrated graphics systems such as AMD’s APUs. Additionally, if you’re overtaxing your system playing certain games, increased RAM can make your system more stable. However, you likely won’t need more than 8GB of RAM for many reasons. Unlike other things, RAM only improves performance to a certain point, not exponentially.

More RAM means quicker gameplay. To make sure your phone’s games are functioning to peak capacity, make sure you’ve used DFNDR’s features to close any unnecessary, RAM-sucking apps running in your phone’s background.