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Remote Charging Stations and How They Work

You’ve seen charging stations that support mobile devices. Keep reading to learn about how these charging stations can support your remotes.

When the Nintendo Wii was unveiled, users were ecstatic about how the gaming system combined recreation with gaming. However, users were burdened with the task of constantly recycling AA batteries in order to continue playing. Hopefully, this burden will become a thing of the past with this new innovation. Remote charging stations are here to make sure your remotes are constantly juiced up.

Here’s how they work: you purchase the charging station, and most of them come in a dual formation where you can charge two at a time. The station comes with a rechargeable battery pack that you insert into your Wii remote. Simply set your Wii controller on the station each time you finish playing.

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Your remote will then charge while it is idle. This ensures that you never have to worry about going to the store to purchase AA batteries again. These remote charging stations run from $10-$40, depending upon what quality and power you want your station to run on. While the price tags can get a bit ugly, they are certainly worth the expenses you save in the long run.
To put it in perspective — a 2-pack of batteries can cost up to $5. If you are a devout Wii user, it should be a no brainer to go ahead and buy the charging station to avoid this frequent cost.
A lot of these devices come with a new wired sensor bar. These are important to set up in conjunction with your remotes. This is because the compatibility will likely be better with the sensor that comes with the charger compared to your old one.

Most of these charging docks plug into the wall. These are much more efficient than the old chargers that would only work if you left your device on while the remotes are charging.
Users complain that these battery packs are hard to take out once you insert them into your Wii remote. Be careful and patient if you wish to remove these batteries. However, most of them come with a gripped back that makes the remote both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.