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How to Repost a Photo or Video on Instagram

If you follow any top Instagram accounts, you’ve probably seen users repost each other’s work. Here’s how you can do the same

Ever wonder how people repost photos and videos onto their own Instagram accounts? Ever want to do the same, but not sure how? Well, look no further! Here are a few apps that will let you share other users’ photos and videos with your followers:

1. PhotoRepost

Formerly known as InstaRepost, this free app lets you repost photos and videos in seconds. The photos and videos will appear in a single column on the app, or in a grid view. Once you’ve found the photo/video you want to share, tap “repost” underneath it. You will then be able to place a watermark of the original user’s name in any corner of the picture, and can choose between three transparency levels.

If you’d like to remove the app’s logo from the picture, download the upgraded version. Then, open the photo in Instagram as either a direct repost, or a quote repost (the quote repost will include the original photo/video’s caption while the former will let you write one of your own). Videos, on the other hand, will be downloaded to your camera roll where you can then upload it directly to Instagram.

2. RepostWhiz

Yet another free photo/video sharing app! On RepostWhiz, the photos and videos will again show up in a single column or grid view. Search for the specific photo/video you want to share, or find a photo/video worth sharing by using likes, hashtags or usernames to search. Once you have selected your photo/video, press “repost” right underneath it. If you’d rather post it later, you can always save it to your camera. All reposts will appear with the app’s name on it.

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3. Repost for Instagram

Another free photo/video sharing app—how lucky are we? Open the app, view your feed, and tap on the photo or video you’d like to repost on your own account. The original user’s account, and profile image will appear as a black or white bar on your reposted image. It can be rotated to all four sides, depending on what you like best. Press “Repost” to open, and share the photo or video on your Instagram account. An upgraded, ad-free version is also available.

Sharing Greatness

And there you have it. Simple, no? Just a few quick downloads, and you’re ready to go. Have you used any of these apps before? Let us know your favorites in the comments below!