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Review of Your Favorite Music App: YouTube

Listening to music is one of the best parts of our Android Phones. Here’s why you need YouTube Music to enhance your listening experience.

You hear a new song on the radio and you want to find out the name of it and who it’s by. How do most of us find it? By searching YouTube. Now YouTube is not just a search engine for songs or music video, it’s the next best streaming service on our phones.

Set Up

The set up is simple. Download the app and sign in with a google account. That’s it.

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How it Works

After, you will see the app’s home screen with three distinct tabs. The first tab, the one with the home symbol, features stations that are customized to your music tastes based on what you’ve browsed in the past. In addition, you’ll see genre stations that coincide with the types of music you’ve already listened too. It doesn’t end there; below these are new listening options like your recently played videos, recommended videos, more suggestions, and new music.

The second tab, the one with the fire symbol, is meant to help you keep up with music trends. The common categories listed include “The Daily 40” or “On the Rise,” as determined by the larger Youtube community. Also included, a “trending now” section as well as new music sorted by genre.

Lastly, denoted by the thumbs up symbol, the third tab collects all the previous songs you’ve liked in the past. This will allow users easy access to their favorite songs and videos.

To play the videos, click on any of the videos to open the music player. While watching a video, users can also search through other versions of the content like fans performing a song or related videos. To do this just switch from the “Playing Now” screen to the “Explore” screen.

If you’ve moved back to the “Playing Now” tab, you’ll find buttons that will allow you to like/dislike the video you’re watching as well as a sharing tool. To exit the player, just tap the video you’re watching, a down arrow should appear in the upper left-hand corner on the video. After, the video will now display as a preview bar on the bottom of the screen.

Other Features

On the top corner of the home screen you’ll see a magnifying glass and a button with three lines. The magnifying class allows the user to search by song, artist, or album through the entire YouTube music database. The three-lined button allows users the options to switch google or YouTube accounts, access your recently played music, and options for the health center, feedback, and more settings.