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Revitalize Your Whatsapp Account with WhatsApp Cleaner

It’s easy to fill up your device storage with all of your activity and files on WhatsApp. Find out how to quickly fix this issue here.

The WhatsApp app enables you to store a variety of data acquired from your conversations on WhatsApp. Gifs, photos, messages, and other such items sent and received through WhatsApp get stored on your phone. As a result, this accumulation can siphon a great deal of your phone’s memory. This means that there is a lot of valuable storage space that WhatsApp is using.

However, there is a simple way to solve this dilemma. You can easily remove old files and manage all of the data in WhatsApp by using DFNDR’s WhatsApp Cleaner feature that allows you to gain storage space by eliminating old and unused videos, audio messages, GIFs, and images shared on WhatsApp. This feature shows you exactly how much space you can save removing old WhatsApp files from the phone. You can select which files, from which date, you want to remove from your device. Click here to get started by removing old files from your WhatsApp app:

WhatsApp videos Remove
It’s important to take advantage of this feature so that your phone isn’t bogged down with useless files. Your WhatsApp app can quickly bloat in size if you don’t regularly clean out all of the old data from the app. That’s a lot of storage space that you could be using for other files on your device, such as new apps, photos, or videos.

Why You Should Use WhatsApp

WhatsApp has become one of the world’s most popular messenger apps. With over 1 billion users in over 100 countries, WhatsApp has almost monopolized the messenger services outside of the SMS functions provided by typical cell phones. WhatsApp is frequently used as the sole medium of conversation when people are out of town or out of the country. Because roaming can cause data charges to surge, WhatsApp circumvents this issue by using a different service that doesn’t require direct data usage.

How to Manage WhatsApp

If you want to further manage your WhatsApp app, the Private Gallery is a feature that hides photos you do not want to keep visible in your Android’s gallery. Unlike the App Lock, the pictures placed in the Private Gallery disappear from your normal gallery and WhatsApp photos. Only the device owner can access it, and to do so he or she must type in a password to access the private gallery. Click here to access Private Gallery:

Both the WhatsApp Cleaner and the Private Gallery will significantly improve the functionality of your WhatsApp application. Never again will you have to worry about your WhatsApp hoarding all of your phone’s memory. Simply utilize these two features to improve your experience with the WhatsApp messaging app.