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Rock Out on Your Device with the Bluetooth AirJamz Pick

Have you ever wanted to bring your air guitar to life? Impress your friends with your air guitar skills with the new AirJamz guitar pick.

Now there’s a new way to play air guitar. The AirJamz guitar pick will bring your air guitar skills to life through a Bluetooth-enabled device and an AirJamz Android app. With the pick, you can strum on your imaginary guitar and your phone will make that sound come to life. However, the AirJamz pick allows you to play more than the guitar: with the pick you can also play the keyboard, drums, flute, or cello, among other instruments, in addition to producing sound effects like lasers or a DJ scratching a record. Think of the AirJamz pick as another way to enjoy your favorite music, like you already do with musical video games like Guitar Hero or karaoke with friends. The AirJamz pick might just be the perfect gift to give — or receive — this holiday season, in addition to offering an entertaining new way to spend time with family and friends.

What the AirJamz Pick Includes

You can order the AirJamz pick on their website or Amazon for about $50. It comes in two colors: black or red. The AirJamz package includes the Bluetooth-enabled pick, the AirJamz app for Android, 25 free music tracks you can download, and a battery. Additional tracks are available to purchase in app. You can also connect up to four AirJamz picks to your Android phone or tablet at once.

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AirJamz is Easy to Set Up

Once your AirJamz pick has arrived, all you need to do is download the app, turn on the pick, and connect the two devices via Bluetooth. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to set up. In addition, you can connect the device to a wireless speaker, or plug in headphones so no one else can hear you rock out. You’ll be ready to jam away and create your own music in no time.

How Does the AirJamz Pick Work?

The previously mentioned music tracks include genre-specific instrumental sounds for you to create your own music. (However, future versions of the AirJamz pick and app will include popular songs to jam out to.) Essentially, the pick recognizes your movements and produces a sound in response, according to the track you’ve chosen. For example, if you want to play a guitar solo, then you will need to move your fingers rapidly to produce the appropriate sound. It’s like magic — no actual musical skill necessary. With the AirJamz pick, you’re already a pro.