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A Round-Up Of the 5 Best Online Banking Apps

A Round-Up Of the 5 Best Online Banking Apps

Here’s a definitive list of mobile banking apps designed to help you find the easiest, safest, and overall best way to bank by phone.

When ATMs were first introduced, they presented customers with the idea that many banking functions should be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without the need to step into a branch and deal with a teller. With the rise of smartphones, that idea has been extended so that many banking functions are now available without the need to ever leave the couch.

Just because customers want banking to be easy and convenient, however, doesn’t mean that they don’t also want their money to be completely safe and secure. And not only do customers want their funds to be safe from thieves, but they also want all of their financial and personal data to be well-guarded, too.

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Which banks have successfully launched apps that have that much-desired mix of safety and convenience? Here is a list of the top five online banking apps that walk that fine line:

  1. American Express didn’t start out as a bank, but its banking app allows you to link easily with other banks to make fee-free saving easy.
  2. Capital One consistently wins praise for its “Sureswipe” feature and for the overall reliability of its app, since no one wants to try to deposit a check and get the dreaded “service not available” message.
  3. Chase has been investing heavily in its online banking app in recent years. The result is a feature-rich experience that has functions (like a touch-ID log on) to allay your safety concerns and smart design (like showing images related to your location) for a sense of fun.
  4. PedFed, like many large credit unions, is making a real effort to move its customers to online banking to keep costs low. With its pleasant interface, that effort is likely to succeed.
  5. Simple is a totally online banking platform, so it makes sense that it knows what customers want from an online banking app. Its offering is attractive and intuitive.

One thing you absolutely must consider, no matter which banking app you choose, is how safe and secure your own phone is. Mobile phones are vulnerable to hacking just like other computer devices are. The best way to protect your financial information is to install products, like those available from PSafe, that have been specifically designed to keep your phone and other devices safe and secure from hackers and thieves.