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Is It Safe to Store Your Credit Card Information Online?

With the relative ease of shopping online, it can be inconvenient to shop without saving your credit card information online — but is this safe to do?

There are some pros and cons to saving your credit card information to various websites or to your web browser’s AutoFill. When shopping online, you should always be wary of malicious websites that are mimicking the appearance of your favorite sites. If you use AutoFill, you may quickly give your credit card info to an unsafe site without realizing. Click here to use anti-hacking to ensure that your information is never entered on a fake or dangerous website:


Pros to Storing Your Credit Card Info Online
One pro is that many online businesses, such as Amazon Prime, will give discounts and even free shipping to their customers that save their credit card online with them. Another benefit of saving your credit card information when online shopping is that it’s simply much more convenient. If you wanted to keep your information completely off of the Internet, though, that would require you to call a store and pay by phone every time you wanted to purchase something online.

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Cons to Storing Your Credit Card Info Online
However, there are many drawbacks to keeping your private credit card information online. During the spring of 2017, as many as 56 million credit card numbers were stolen from Home Depot’s online data storage. Many major companies have had data breaches where hackers have stolen millions of credit card numbers. You may believe that there is not much you can do to stop the data breaches, which is often true — you just have to trust that the company you entrusted your credit card information with will keep it safe from hackers. Still, there are many steps you can take to be proactive in protecting your data and personal information.

Keep Your Credit Card Info Safe Online
Be sure to avoid buying anything from a non-credible website. Many scammers out there will set up realistic looking sites that will promise to keep your credit card info safe, which is why it’s important to use Anti-Hacking. Also, make sure that when you buy something online you’re not using public Wi-Fi. Whenever you’re on public Wi-Fi, your device is more vulnerable to hacking or attacks.

Finally, don’t store your credit card information on a website if you can avoid it. Many websites want you to save your credit card so that it’s easier for you to make a purchase again. But if your laptop gets stolen or hacked into, suddenly a hacker will have access to your saved credit card number, which can quickly turn into a case of identity fraud. Overall, if you want to keep your credit card information safe while you shop online, just be wary of any website that doesn’t look legitimate.