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The Secret Cat Collecting Mini-Game in Nougat

Did you know there are games hidden in your Android? Click here to learn how to catch some secret feline friends with your phone.

If any lesson has been learned in 2016, it’s that people love catching things with their phones. Just recently, the pop culture craze of catching Pokemon erupted when the semi-virtual reality game Pokemon Go was released. And now… cats??

“Android Neko” is an Easter Egg game that can only be accessed when you dig deep into your phone. Keep in mind this game is only accessible to those who have the Android 7.0 Nougat, which is planned to be released in early August. Here’s how to do it.

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Steps for Accessing Android Neko

  1. Locate the settings app.
  2. Select “About Phone.”
  3. Tap on the “Android Version” button three times.
  4. Locate the big “N.” Tap on this three times, then press and hold.
  5. Find your notification panel — pull it down twice. This will expose the “quick settings” option.
  6. Click “Edit.”
  7. You should find a “???? Android Easter Egg” button on this screen. There should also be a cat head on it. Drag it up to your current tiles.
  8. After dragging it to your current tiles, the “???? Android Easter Egg” button should transform into a tile named “Empty Dish.”
  9. Tap on the empty dish. This should bring up options of foods to feed your new kitty. You get to choose between four items: treat, chicken, bits, or fish.
  10. Select which food option you desire and it should take over the empty dish tile.
  11. You’re almost there! Wait a little and you should receive a notification that reads: “A Cat is Here,” from “Android Neko.”
  12. You should now have a cat notification. You can click on this to view your collection of cats.
  13. You can rename your cat by tapping on it. If you press and hold the cat, you can share a high resolution image of your friend to whatever app you desire.

You’re finished! It’s much easier than trespassing on your neighbor’s lawn to capture a Pikachu. Android has not released any further details about this hidden game.

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