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Secure Your Android Phone with Screen Pinning

Before you hand your Android to someone else, make sure your phone is secure from wandering eyes. Find out how this feature can protect your privacy.

Android devices have an easy toggle switch in the settings that allow users to have the capabilities of screen pinning. But what is screen pinning? Screen pinning is when you’d like to keep a person locked into one area of your phone. One of the biggest benefits of this is when a parent hands a child their phone, and wants to keep them locked on that app or webpage. This can be achieved through screen pinning. Keep in mind that when the screen is pinned, you’re unable to receive calls or texts until the screen is unpinned and the phone is back to normal function once again.

How to Screen Pin on Your Android Device
In order to pin to a specific screen, follow the directions that are outlined here. It can benefit you in the long run to have a protected phone.

  1. Go to your phone’s setting options. This can be found in the apps section or in the quick setting option.
  2. Go to the security section in the settings.
  3. Find where it says screen pinning.
  4. Toggle the switch over. It should display as being green, which means it’s on.

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Pinning Your Phone
Once you have the screen pinning option on, you can go to the page or the app to be pinned. Once there, click on the pin icon that is shown on the bottom corner of the screen. Click on this to pin the Android device to this specific area. When you click on the pin option on the screen, it will ask you whether or not you’d like to use a password to protect the pin. This is generally a good idea if you’re using it for your children, guests, or others. If you want to pin the page or game that you’re playing, it is not necessarily required. Choose a password that you feel comfortable with and save it. Every time you go to pin a page, it will ask you to enter this information.

Now you can safely lend your device to others that wish to use it, allow children to play their favorite games and apps, or just play a game without having to worry about opening another window or getting interrupted by a phone call. When it comes to being safe, you can never be too safe with the Internet and mobile devices. It is always good to have a locked phone, be wary of unsecured Internet providers, and ensure that you follow the necessary protection protocols.