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How To Sell Your Android Device When You’re Ready to Upgrade

Looking to upgrade, but need to get rid of your old phone first? Check out these methods that will ensure the sale runs smoothly

Has a new Android phone caught your eye? Selling your old phone can give you the cash boost you need to get that new phone into the palm of your hand. Luckily, we’ve found the four easiest options that will put the cash you need in your pocket.

Carrier Trade-In

Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint will all offer you credit for your old phone. If you have a long term plan with any of these companies, they’ll usually require that you hand in your old phone before you receive the upgrade. Trade-ins are perhaps the most convenient option on this list, but you may have difficulty finding buyers for certain phone models. Additionally, if your device has been damaged, you’ll probably have to pay extra before you switch to a sleeker, newer phone.

Amazon Trade-In

Amazon Trade-In is available for almost every electronic product on the market. All you have to do is mail your phone to Amazon, who will pay for the shipping, and you receive an Amazon gift card in exchange. Considering that the Amazon database has nearly any product you can imagine, you can easily find the model of the next phone you want (or anything else, really). Unfortunately, you can’t get compensated with cash through this method, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you will need to use another site.


Swappa is a marketplace that is specifically designed for mobile phones. Buyers have to pay a $10 fee, but for sellers it’s free to list your devices for sale. All transactions use PayPal, so transactions are fast, easy and safe. The Swappa staff regulates the market for fraudulent transactions, and makes sure the phones sold on their site do not have cracked screens or water damage. It’s a reliable means for selling your phone, and has been featured in such notable publications as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Fortune.


Gazelle is similar to Swappa, but instead of selling the phone yourself, Gazelle will send you cash for your phone and sell it themselves. All you have to do is send them your product, and they will return with an offer. If you agree to their offer, they will pay for the shipping and mail you a check. While you may not make as much money if you are selling a working smartphone, with damaged or defective phones, this is a great platform to still make a profit off your investment. Gazelle has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and ABC for being customer friendly and efficient.

If you do decide not to use any of these markets, be careful of who you’re selling to and realize that if you pay in cash and the owner then blacklists their old phone, reports it as lost or stolen, there is no professional resource. By using these venues you won’t have to worry about blacklisting and nothing will be in the way of purchasing the Android phone of your dreams.