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Here are the Shortcomings of the Apple Watch

Computer technology packed into a processor that fits on your wrist. No, it isn’t sci-fi, it’s the Apple Watch, but does it live up to the hype?

When it comes to the Apple Watch, is there anyone who wasn’t interested in it? But did the Apple Watch live up to its expectations? Did it become a must-have fitness accessory? Before you make the decision to splurge on this pricey piece of technology, you should be aware of its shortcomings.

iPhone Dependence
For all of its technology, the Apple Watch is still dependent on the iPhone. Network carriers want a watch version that will be able to be connected to data networks that aren’t iPhone. For now, the watch has to be synced with an iPhone in order to track location and for the majority of downloading purposes. For anyone without an iPhone, it’s basically an expensive pedometer you can use to check the time. Why have a smartwatch if it means you still have to carry your cell phone around all the time? The excellent Maps feature is unfortunately only possible with a paired iPhone, a downside for fitness enthusiasts like runners and cyclists.

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The iPhone, and just about all the other Apple products, are sleek, shiny, and have a thin profile to match. The Apple Watch, however, is anything but. When it’s switched off, it’s hard to tell that this is a unique piece of technology. It’s chunkier than expected and kind of loses that special something.

Processor Problems
With all the emphasis on the joys of having a computer on your wrist, the Apple Watch lacks the processing power to do it all. Performance was such an issue that some Apple watch wearers stopped bothering with apps. Now that Apple upgraded OS to Watch OS 2, it looks as though better days could be in store for its users. Performance, however, is still not quite up to par.

Beginning at $349, the prices only go up from there. With its current dependence on the iPhone, it’s lack of ability to switch to different network carriers, and its chunkier size, it remains to be seen if the latest version of the Apple Watch will fix these issues and gain the love of consumers.

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