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Should You Cover the Camera on Your Smartphone?

You cover your laptop’s camera, but have you ever thought about the vulnerabilities of your smartphone camera? Find out what to do about it here.

Ever since laptops with built-in webcams became popular, it’s become a common practice for individuals to cover those cameras out of fear that they’d be watched, even when they didn’t turn them on. This isn’t a paranoid fear now, either — laptop and smartphone cameras can be easily hacked. That’s why it’s important to download dfndr security and activate the security scan feature on your device so that you can ensure your SD card and all files are safe:

Although technology has done a lot for all of us — it has connected us to people around the world, made our jobs and personal lives more convenient and easy, and so on — there is still the issue of privacy that comes about time and time again with these new innovations. If you find yourself covering your laptop webcam camera, you’re probably now wondering: Should you also cover the camera on your phone?

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Should You Cover Your Phone’s Camera?
Like a laptop camera, it appears that a phone camera could be used by wandering eyes, hackers, and crooks to watch our actions. The problem with this is that our phones go virtually everywhere with us, giving malicious individuals the ability to see almost every aspect of our day-to-day lives and every move that we make — whether that be inside or outside of our homes. It gives people the advantage of knowing when we’re traveling, when our home may be vacant, and what our daily routines are — which could be dangerous.

Because our smartphones are more versatile and travel everywhere with us, they are also more of a target for hackers and crooks to break into. After all, once they hack a phone camera, they can easily see much more than what a laptop would be able to show since those are nowhere near as portable. This means that it would, in fact, be beneficial to cover our phone cameras when they’re not in use.

What You Can Do About It
There are simple ways to cover your phone camera without it looking sloppy or strange. There are now phone cases that are specifically designed to easily cover and uncover your camera lenses whenever needed. This is a simple solution to take advantage of — tape will only get you so far! Take the right precautions to have the peace of mind that no one is creeping on your day-to-day activities.