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Signs That Your Android’s Memory is Almost Full

When your phone is low on storage space, it can start to seriously slow down. Here are a few signs that your phone is nearing its storage limits.

On Android, your phone’s storage seems like it’s never enough. Even if you have 32GB or more of storage space, it seems like the phone’s pre-installed apps and operating system take up more room than they should. Low phone storage can be a real problem, especially in ways that seriously slow down your phone. If you have low RAM, you can easily clear up space on your phone using Memory Booster. Click here to boost phone performance:

The Memory Booster feature lets you close apps running (without your knowledge) in the background of your phone. This, in turn, frees up RAM, which will speed up your device. That way, your phone will no longer freeze or crash. But what if you don’t know whether or not your phone is low on memory? There are several ways you can tell if you need to create more space to help your phone operate properly.

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You Can’t Download the Apps You Want

You’ve decided you really want a new app, but when you try to download it, Android tells you that you have “Insufficient Storage Available.” If you want to download the app, you’ll have to get rid of apps or phone files to make room for it. Consider moving certain files and apps to an SD card for more storage space on your device.

Your Phone Can’t update your Apps

When your phone storage is low, your Android will tell you that it can’t update the apps that you already have, either. This message means that your phone doesn’t have enough room to run the updating processes.

Your Phone Lags And Slows Down

When you don’t have enough storage space to run programs on your phone’s main memory (ROM), the phone will store parts of your programs on secondary, or virtual, memory. If this happens, your phone slows down because of the operating system. The operating system will slow down since the phone has to switch between primary and secondary memory, slowing down your phone’s operating times.

Certainly, a slow phone is not an option for most people, and it can be frustrating not to have enough storage space on your phone for the apps and programs you want to use. However, you can help make sure you have enough memory by regularly using Memory Booster to close background apps and speed up your device.