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How to Silence Your Phone During Sleep and Work

Mobile devices are useful, but they require a lot of attention. There are several ways to silence your device when you need a break from the world.

Sleep is important, but can be difficult to achieve when you phone is constantly buzzing with texts and updates. It doesn’t help that most people keep their phones right next to them while they rest, making it all too easy to check social media and messages when your phone demands it. Try these features to customize your alert systems, which are already on your Android device, or download an app that will cut off contact with the world while you get a much-needed nap.


Go to Quick Settings and activate the “Do Not Disturb” feature. From there you can select how complete you want your silence to be; your phone can be completely inactive with total silence, but you can select alarms or “priority” messages to alert you by activating the features in your notifications. You can also set a time limit for your peace, or just let “Do Not Disturb” be in effect until you decide to remove it.

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Note that some forms of “Do Not Disturb” one work on Android 6 and above. For previous Android versions, the solution may be as simple as adjusting the volume in your notifications, so make sure you’re aware of which Android version you have and adjust accordingly.


Android recently released a Do Not Disturb app through Google Play that heightens the efficiency of the initial feature. Users can adjust their priority usage, as well as generate messages to those who text and call, conveying that you will get to them later. This app also has access to your calendar and will activate silence mode in accordance to your sleep and meetings schedule.

For a more sleep-oriented app, Nights Keeper blocks calls and messages from those not on a “white list,” or selected group that lets certain people contact you through this feature. You can also make specialized day and night schedules to maximize productivity and screen time, while opting for repeats in your weekly privacy and changes that fit any schedule.


Let PSafe Total ensure that your phone is safe while silent. An Internet Booster closes background apps while your phone is not in use, to protect your information and your monthly data. While your phone is inactive, lock your social media and important apps in PSafe’s Applock to protect against potential threats to your personal information. Rest easy!