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These Are the Smart Devices Every Smart Home Needs

Every smart home needs Alexa, but there are many other devices and appliances that can make your smart home the most intelligent home around.

Smart homes are being revolutionized by the gadget market on what seems like a daily basis. They are becoming smarter by the minute, as new smart devices and appliances are released to make our lives easier. Many of these smart home devices can be controlled through our smartphones, too, making them even easier to use.

There are seemingly endless possibilities when it comes to making your home smarter. Apps on your device can control more than just smart locks, thermostats, and lights. Smart appliances are becoming more versatile in their usage, and can cater to household users in a variety of different ways. The following are some of the most useful smart home necessities on the market that you need right now.

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BeOn Smart Bulbs

With the recent drama related to Amazon’s crash, a different method of smart lighting is on the market. BeOn smart bulbs are a Bluetooth-compatible, interconnected lighting system that even operates when the power fails. The lights are battery-powered, and can work on a timer that functions based on your preferences. They are pegged as a more costly product, but for the advanced smart home user, BeOn is a premium choice to power the home.

Nest Protect

Smoke alarms can be pesky, but they are necessary. The smart smoke detector is a revolutionary device for a seasoned concept. Nest Protect has capitalized on a household nuisance that is receiving rave reviews. The Nest Protect second generation model is an upgraded version that has a smooth aesthetic and works well with Android devices. The app presents a “silence” option that allows the user to quiet the smoke alarm in case of a non-emergency, like a cooking mishap or an extra smoky candle.

Samsung App Fridge

This is arguably everyone’s favorite appliance already, and Samsung has revolutionized the refrigerator to make it even more enjoyable to use. It features a touch screen that takes inventory of the groceries in the fridge, orders new food when the stock is running low, and has temperature-control settings for different compartments that can be controlled by apps as well.

Of course, there are other useful and necessary appliances to add to a smart home on the market. The recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas showcased many examples of such tech, and almost everything is compatible with Android devices. Just ensure that, no matter the size or capabilities of the smart home features, you install and execute everything with security in mind.