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Snapchat Has Revealed a New Search Function

Snapchat has gotten new, highly-requested search capabilities that will improve users’ experience.

Snapchat is largely considered one of the most popular and important social networking apps. The app offers a fun way to interact with friends, celebrities, and others via sharing short videos and time-sensitive photos. It also includes an augmented reality feature: filters that morph your face into a certain shape, or turn you into an animal. But, as amusing as Snapchat is, it’s been missing a lot of key features that would make it easier to use. One of those features: Snapchat-wide searching capabilities.

Recently, that all changed — Snapchat finally added a universal search option to the app that allows users to easily search for other friends, groups, and Stories. You can also discover new content more easily. This should allow Snapchat users to interact with the app in a new way. This means that more people might be spending time on the app now that it’s easier to navigate and discover new, trending, and relevant content. In that way, it’s now similar to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Previously, searching for Snapchat users was a much more difficult experience: you’d have to locate a friend by their exact username, otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to find him or her. This function also involved more steps to perform a search — steps that may not be intuitive for a new Snapchat user.

A Faster, Easier to Use App

The new update allows you to navigate Snapchat more quickly, which means that you’re more likely to stay engaged with the app. The app has faced a lot of bug issues and glitches as of late, so this feature should help to improve users’ experience with the app.

Time for a Crucial Update

This search function has been a highly-requested feature — it certainly seems like a long time coming. Although the app is traditionally most popular among teens, this new search feature could prove popular for winning over adults who may have stopped using the app due to limited functions.

New Ad Opportunities

This new function also allows for more opportunities for advertisements, which will help to more effectively monetize the platform. Like Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat could also use targeted ads. These ad opportunities are likely to be more successful on Snapchat than Twitter, of course. Considering the age group that uses Snapchat, though, this could be a great way for marketers to break into the teen market.