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Snapchat’s Leaked Emails Reveal Problematic Sales Tactics

Snapchat’s recently leaked emails detail a dilemma and a potentially iffy concern with the company’s sales tactics. Find out what the leaked emails revealed.

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What Happened?

A gun safety nonprofit, Everytown for Gun Safety, was running an anti-gun violence awareness campaign featuring videos of families who’d lost relatives to guns on Snapchat. In the middle of the campaign, Snapchat sent the nonprofit — backed by former New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg — a message that they would start running the NRA (a pro-gun lobbying organization) on its campaign if the nonprofit didn’t pay Snapchat for advertising. The NRA, of course, opposes the kind of gun reform that Everytown supports.

Who Was Involved?

Everytown for Gun Safety contacted Snapchat about advertising on National Gun Violence Awareness Day. Snapchat’s head of political sales, Rob Saliterman, said that the charity would have to pay $150,000 to Snapchat if they wanted users to be able to use custom filters and lenses to participate in the event.

At the same time (and without connection to the political sales team), Snapchat’s news team spoke to Everytown about partnering up for the Awareness Day. Because Everytown’s anti-violence campaign featured celebrities like Sarah Silverman and Kim Kardashian, Snapchat offered to display the campaign on Snapchat for free, in a Live Story.

The nonprofit, then, thought they didn’t need to pay the $150,000 originally requested by the political sales arm of Snapchat. However, Saliterman, the head of that department wrote:

“I just learned our News Team is doing a Live Story on National Gun Violence Awareness Day.” He then said: “I would urgently like to speak with you about advertising opportunities within the story, as there will be three ad slots. We are also talking to the NRA about running ads within the story.”