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How to Speed Up Netflix on Your Smartphone

Netflix streaming is usually very reliable. However, if you run into trouble streaming Netflix on your device, try one of these tips.

Watching Netflix on your phone can help you to kill time while you’re out and about. Plus, Netflix’s mobile app tends to work better than Hulu’s mobile app, among others. Still, just because the Netflix app tends to work better than other apps — i.e. videos load faster, less lag time, etc. — doesn’t mean that the app always runs as smoothly as it should. Before testing out other options, be sure to check your Wi-Fi’s current speed. Click here to test your connection:

Wifi check

If your Wi-Fi is lagging behind, that could be why you’re having trouble watching Netflix on your smartphone. Click below to close applications running on your smartphone in order to speed up your Internet connection:

Accelerate Internet

If the speed of your Wi-Fi isn’t the issue, never fear: the following are some additional ways you can ensure that Netflix is running as smoothly as possible on your device.

Restart Your Device

Netflix suggests that most streaming problems on mobile devices can be fixed simply by turning the device on and off again. If you repeatedly have to turn your device on and off, though, you might find your streaming issue comes from a different source.

Move Your Router…Or Your Device

If you’re using a Wi-Fi router, you could find that your streaming is slower because of obstructions in the way. While Netflix functions well at a low-connectivity speed, you could still find problems with your connection. Try removing interference issues from around your router, like microwaves and cordless phones, if applicable. You can also put your router on a higher surface, like a bookshelf or window. If all else fails, simply move your device closer to the router.

Run a Virus Scan

Another reason your phone could be streaming Netflix slowly is that it’s infected with a virus. Make sure your slow streaming isn’t due to an infection on your phone by running a virus scan, and remember to scan your phone for threats regularly. Run a full virus scan of your phone now:

Security Scan

Check Your Network

Use your phone’s data sparingly — streaming too much video on your device will quickly use up your monthly data plan. Instead, make sure you’re connected to a wireless network, either at home or in public. Next, think of where you are: public networks aren’t usually as fast as private networks since they share bandwidth with multiple users. If you’re on a cellular data network or satellite Internet, too, you might experience playback issues because of slow connection speeds.

Check if Unnecessary Apps are Open

If you often forget to close out apps when you’re done using them, your internet may slow down. A buildup of apps running in the background can induce greater lag times. To speed up your internet by ensuring that all superfluous apps have been closed, click here:

Accelerate Internet

Clean Up Your Phone

If your phone doesn’t have much free memory, your phone won’t function properly. Remove unnecessary files and free up space now:

Quick Cleanup