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It’s Time for Spring Cleaning! Your Devices, Not Your Home

Winter is finally over, and people are preparing to clean their attics and basements. But have you ever thought of spring cleaning your computer and devices?

It’s that time of year again to give your home a good, deep cleaning. Why not apply that same attitude towards cleaning up your smartphone, tablet, and computer? Your various devices collect a lot of files and information over time, and if you don’t regularly remove old files, apps, and photos, in addition to junk files, then your devices will slow down. If your phone is running slowly lately, the first step you should take is to clean out old, unnecessary files with Quick Cleanup:

All of your apps collect a lot of information, especially if they are constantly updating themselves. Quick Cleanup removes junk files, cache, and temporary files. This will free up space and memory on your device, which will allow your phone to perform more efficiently.

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Remove Old, Unwanted, and Duplicate Photos

How many times have we all been caught taking several shots of one thing — be it a selfie, a landscape or an object. One of the best ways to clean out a phone and speed it up is to remove those duplicate photos. A great tool for this is to use DFNDR’s Duplicate Photos feature. It will quickly scan your device for repeated photos and allow you to select which ones you want to delete, so you never lose those moments. The best part? You won’t have to spend a long time browsing through photos on your phone, and you’ll free up space quickly. Click here to clear your phone of repeated photos:

Get Rid of Unwanted Videos, Music Files, Contacts, and More

If you like to store music on your smartphone or tablet, then it’s time to sort through your music files and delete songs you no longer listen to. This goes for any videos you have on your device, too. Consider moving music and videos that you’re hesitant about to cloud storage so you never lose them, leaving you the option to access them later. This applies to your computer as well: move any old music files and videos (that you don’t want to get rid of) to an external hard drive or cloud service.

If your contacts are littered with old phone numbers and names that you no longer recognize, then it’s time to delete them. You can use a similar approach with your email account, too.

Delete or Backup Old, Unwanted Computer Files

Just like your smartphone or tablet, your computer will collect a lot of files over the years — especially if you’ve transferred all of your old files from previous computers. Consider moving these files to an encrypted external hard drive to free up space on your computer. You could also scan your computer for old, junk files by using a reliable software.

That’s all there is to it! A proper spring cleaning of your devices will leave you feeling refreshed, and your devices lighter and like new (almost!). Consider this an Easter present to yourself — one that can apply to your home and electronics.