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Stay on Top of Your Vacation Plans with These Android Apps

Organize your travel plans, and have everything coordinated before you leave, with these convenient and clever apps! Check them out now.

Traveling requires a great deal of organization and coordination. The last thing you want to do is run into a mess and not be able to find the information you need while you’re on a trip. In order to conveniently stay on top of all of your summer vacation plans, check out the following apps to help you stay organized without the hassle of endless papers. Download any of these apps to your Android in preparation for your trip to enhance your experience and be completely worry-free!

Cool Cousin
When you’re looking to plan out where to stop, visit, and eat on a trip, this is a useful app to find some unique and genuine places to live like a local while you’re there. This app features recommendations that are off the beaten path from actual residents in select destinations so that you can have the most authentic experience possible.

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When you’re making various trip reservations, you’re looking to lock down the lowest possible price. This app helps you to ensure that you get the best price on a rental car, as these prices can fluctuate daily. Here, you add in your reservation details through the mobile site. Then, the app will track the rates for your dates, let you know of competitor pricing, and scan for coupons and discount codes. When lower prices or better deals become available, you’ll be notified through an e-mail. You can then take care of rebooking and save some serious dough.

Travel & Leisure
This is an easy-to-use app to help you research your destination so you can decide what types of things you’ll want to do when you’re there. The app features lists of hotels, restaurants, shops, bars, and attractions in a range of destinations, and allows you to browse highly rated and recommended spots to visit. Here, you’re able to bookmark your favorites and build your own itinerary. You can also download guides for use offline if you’re going somewhere with spotty service or if you want to review the guide on your plane ride!

TripIt Travel Organizer
To help you stay organized prior to leaving for a trip, TripIt takes care of it all. It allows you to store itineraries, pertinent confirmations, and documents all in one place so that you won’t need to search for any of them at all. You can even have confirmations and information on reservations sent directly to the app, making it even more user-friendly. Store driving directions or other useful information here, too, and share your itineraries with others with ease.