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Swiftmoji Emoji-Predicting Keyboard for Android

Finding the perfect emoji for the messages that you send can be a task. Swiftkey has found a way to simplify this with an emoji-predicting keyboard for Android.

Emojis are the cute smileys that are added to electronic messages to convey the sender’s emotions. Many people who enjoy adding these emoticons to their messages desire a simple and seamless way of including them. For this, a new app has been introduced that makes the task of finding the right emoji quick and easy. The Swiftmoji emoji-predicting keyboard for android is the perfect solution for emoji users.

How the Swiftmoji Emoji-Predicting Keyboard for Android Works

The Swiftmoji Emoji-Predicting Keyboard for Android app suggests emojis related to whatever the user is typing. Words and phrases in the massage trigger suggestions for emojis. These suggestions appear above the keyboard so the right emoji can be selected with a simple touch. The Swiftkey keyboard collects data and uses it for crowdsourcing to make these suggestions. The suggestions that appear above the keyboard become more tailored to the user as the user selects more and more emojis. Swiftmoji is currently available from the App Store and Google Play. You can download the app today and being enjoying the emoji-predicting keyboard.

PSafe and Swiftmoji

PSafe strives to provide software that protects users from viruses, malwares, and malicious attacks as well as provide information to users concerning the best ways to avoid such threats. Thus, PSafe products can be used in conjunction with the Swiftmoji emoji-predicting keyboard to keep users safe from threats while allowing them to enjoy the quick and easy emoji app that is tailored to their personal selections.

The Swiftmoji app can be used in conjunction with PSafe products including PSafe Total and PowerPRO. The PSafe Total offers unbeatable antivirus protection and security and its Memory Booster allows the user to optimize the android device’s memory and storage so that Swiftmoji does not take up much needed storage space. In addition, the Internet Booster feature will allow users to utilize the emoji-predicting keyboard at optimum speed. PSafe Total also has a CPU cooler feature to prevent your device from overheating no matter how long you utilize Swiftmoji and other applications on your Android device.

PowerPRO by PSafe allows the user to identify and remove programs that utilize too much of the battery in order to preserve battery power. This is a great feature that can be utilized in conjunction with the emoji-predicting keyboard for Android because it allows the user to enjoy the Swiftkey keyboard for long periods of time without having to worry as much about running out of power.