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How to Take Great Photos on Your Android Phone

Photos taken on phones are not always of the greatest quality. However, there are ways ensure you take the best photos possible

1. Consider Lighting

Make sure to test out a variety of different angles before taking a photo on your Android. It’s generally best if your light source is positioned behind and above you, as this tends to create a flattering environment. If this situation isn’t feasible, still try to get as close to this positioning as you can.

2. Keep Your Lense Clean

There’s not a lot you can do to keep your phone from gathering various dirt and dust particles throughout the day. However, before taking a photo, you can make sure to wipe off anything that has accumulated on your camera screen. This is a simple way to increase the clarity of your photos.

3. Don’t Overuse Flash

Obviously there are going to be situations in which you’ll need to use flash. Sometimes there just isn’t any good lighting where you’d like to take a photo, such as in a dark venue or outside at night. However, when possible, use natural lighting outdoors or room lighting to make your photos look clearer.

4. Blur Carefully

You’ll want to avoid accidental blurring. Ensure that your subject isn’t moving unnecessarily, and make sure that you are holding the phone completely steady. Don’t even move your finger until you’re completely sure that the photo is saved on your phone. Moving while taking a picture can cause not only the subject, but the entire background of the photo to appear blurry.

However, blurring can also be used to create an artistic effect. For instance, you can blur the background while keeping your subject in focus to draw attention to them. To do this, you’ll need a short depth of field. Lower the aperture setting as far as possible or put your phone in Portrait auto-mode to achieve this.

5. Mind the Rule of Thirds

It’s the first thing you’ll learn in any photography class. Divide a picture into thirds both vertically and horizontally, and align your main subjects with the lines created. If the subject of the photo is completely centered, the image often ends up looking forced and unnatural.

6. Take Tons of Photos!

Despite all of these tips, you can never be 100 percent sure how a photo will turn out. To increase the odds of getting a great pic, take many photos each time you want to capture a specific moment. Google’s Fast Burst Camera Lite App can take 30 pictures per second!