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How to Tell if Your Android Has Been Hacked

Keep your data safe. Here are three telltale signs that a hacker has gained access to your phone, and therefore your personal information.

Nowadays, smartphones are how most of us stay connected to the world around us. Emails, text messages, phone calls — in a single tap we can send information to anyone, wherever they may be. We can also receive anything at any time, and what that means is that our phone is constantly at risk of being hacked remotely. Hackers can take control of a phone and access all our files through a single text message or an application. Given how much sensitive information is held on our phones, it’s of the utmost importance to keep them secure. The majority of hacks happen without the user knowing, but there are a few telltale signs to look out for that can help identify when a hack has happened, and ultimately protect your device.

1. Unusual cell phone charges

One key sign that malware has been downloaded onto your phone can be found in the form of odd charges on your phone bill. Hackers often use devices to send premium text messages (such as subscriptions or voting services), which can incur charges to your account. If you find any billing amounts that appear out of the ordinary, reach out to your service provider to find out where they came from and determine if a hacker has accessed your phone.

2. Data Access Patterns

Malware downloaded through a malicious app will often use data to turn your phone into a spam relay. This allows anyone, not just known users, to send information to your phone. If your phone is hacked in this way, it can lead to you becoming more susceptible to another hack and receiving unwanted advertisements. Luckily, Android phones allow you to track your data usage (just go into settings). If any of your apps are using an abnormally high amount of data, chances are they’re malicious.

3. Rapid Changes in Battery Life  

If a hacker is accessing your phone, or running malware on your device, it will cause your battery to drain. Look out for rapid changes in your battery life, as this may be a sign that your phone has been hacked. Keep in mind, your battery will only drain when malware is being run, and sophisticated malware can lie dormant for days or weeks to avoid suspicion. Hacks can happen at any time, and so it’s important to constantly be on the lookout. To see if any apps are using up an unusual amount of battery, download PSafe’s PowerPRO.

For Extra Protection

Look no further than PSafe Total, which offers an extra layer of security to effectively prevent against hacks. Additionally, its AV scan feature can check for threats across all your phones’ files, allowing you to instantly detect any threats to your device.