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The 5 Most Awesome Tech Gifts to Buy Your Mom

Your mom will be delighted with these snazzy gift ideas this Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and your mom deserves only the best – after all, she did raise you! There are some great gift ideas out there that can help improve your mom’s life, while others will add a touch of entertainment to her daily routine. We’ve compiled 5 of the most awesome tech gifts to buy your mom this year – check em’ out.

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Amazon Echo Spot – Black
Amazon has come a long way since the days of being an e-commerce retailer. The company has succeeded in other ventures such as music and video streaming, as well as smart home devices. The latest Echo product is Echo Spot, which is an upgraded version of the Echo Show.

The Echo Spot is smaller, sleeker and it has more features than its predecessor. Besides the standard screen, functionalities include a camera for video calling, Bluetooth connectivity to play music, and the ability to link up with other smart home devices.

Netatmo Weather Station
Make sure your mom is comfortable this Mother’s Day with the Netatmo Weather Station, which has a nice look, consisting of two aluminum monitors. The features include a CO2 sensor to measure air quality, temperature, humidity, sound, and barometric pressure.

Netatmo also has a companion app that your mom can download, which displays weather data in a graph. Plus, she can use Amazon Alexa support anytime she needs to.

Canon EOS M100 Mirrorless Camera
Canon has a long-running reputation for being one of the best digital cameras around. The EOS M100 is ideal for a mom who likes to take photos.

It comes equipped with a large 24 MP APS-C sensor, a fast image processor, several lenses, and a tilting display. Also, it can link up to her mobile device through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. With a point and shoot like this, your mom will be sharing more pics on your wall, so watch out!

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch
One of the most wearable fitness devices on the market right now is the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch, which is perfect for health-conscious mothers. It includes an accurate heart-rate tracker, a GPS, and guided workouts.

The Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch is entirely waterproof whether it’s used in a pool or the ocean. The secondary functions are kind of neat too. Your mom can download apps, make e-payments to her accounts, and receive phone notifications.

iRobot Braava jet 240 Robot Mop
Help your mom clean up with some cool, but easy to use tech. The iRobot Braava jet 240 is a mopping robot, designed to clean dirt and stains in places that are hard to reach, such as hardwood or stone floors.

Your mom attaches a cleaning pad, turns it on, and the robot chooses between mopping wet, damp sweeping, or dry sweeping. Similar to a Roomba, the iRobot has a sensor to detect the immediate surroundings, so it won’t bump into furniture or the family dog. Meanwhile, with all that time saved from cleaning, your mom can recline in her favorite chair and relax.