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The Best Apps You Should Use at Music Festivals

The best part about being at music festivals is being able to enjoy the great jams, but there are plenty of apps that can make your experience even better.

Music festivals are already a great time, but they can be so much better with the rights apps on your phone. You’ll be able to capture more of the festival experience, relive parts of it later, and improve your phone’s functionality so you can get the most out of it. Take advantage of the duplicate photos feature while at a music festival. Click here to remove repeated photos on your phone to free up space for new photos:


duplicate photos can help improve your music experience in many ways. How often do you accidentally hit the camera button twice while frantically snapping shots at concerts? It can add so much unnecessary time when you sort through your pictures later to show off on social media. Why not save some time while also boosting your battery and phone functionality?

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There are many other apps besides the dfndr app that you can use to improve your festival experience. Check out some of the best apps to use below.

Before you even get to the concert there’s an app you have to have and it’s called “Bandsintown.” You can’t enjoy the best concerts and festivals if you don’t know about them, after all! Bandsintown helps to keep you informed of the artists that will be heading your way so you can make it.

Don’t forget to snap a few signature pics and edit the pictures after so they look perfect before you upload them to all your friends and followers. It’ll be a great way to show off. You may even be able to convince friends who stayed home to come with you to the next concert!

What’s a live event without some live tweets? Not only can you share your thoughts on a particular show, but you can always be a part of the conversation before, during, and after the big festival. You were there, after all! You know what’s what and you can share it with the world.

You had a great time checking out all of the music you already loved, but maybe you want to keep the party going and continue to check out some new music that is similar to the stuff you already love. Why not throw on some Last.FM for the drive home so you can branch off, discover new music, and plan your next music festival or concert?