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The Pros and Cons of Pattern Lock Vs. Pin Code

There are many benefits to the pin code lock and the pattern lock. Both lock screens also have some drawbacks, but which one will work better for you?

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Pattern Lock
The best part of a pattern lock is that there are many different options, and it can be difficult for hackers to guess your pattern. Say you start at the middle circle and then move around the phone to connect to 5 other circles. This means that there are 6 different points in your pattern. If you have 6 different points in your pattern, that means that there are over 60,000 options for what your pattern could be. This means that your lock is very, very secure because no hacker in their right mind is going to sit and guess over 60,000 different lock patterns.

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The downside of using a pattern lock is that many people do not have long or confusing patterns. Many people opt to have a short 3 to 4 point unlock pattern so that it’s easy to draw and unlock their phone whenever they need to. This means that, although people hypothetically can have difficult lock patterns that hackers won’t be able to guess, the majority of people have short and easy to remember lock patterns. So if you want to keep your private data on your phone safe, use a 5 to 6 digit lock pattern.

Pin Code
A major benefit to having a pin code is that it’s harder for a stranger to figure out your code by looking over your shoulder. Research shows that a stranger can figure out your pattern lock if they peek over your shoulder roughly 60% of the time. However, having a pin code for your phone makes it much harder for someone to see; people only guess pin codes roughly 10% of the time if they happen to see you type it in. The only draw back is that it may be slightly more difficult to type a pin code in than a pattern lock. To truly improve the security of your device, try using a pin code and Applock together.