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Things You Didn’t Know Were Making Your Internet Slow

Don't despair if your Android's browser has started crawling along at a snail's pace. There are a few options that could speed things up.

Some users assume that when their Android’s Internet begins running slowly, it must be time to swap in the phone for a newer model. If your phone is a couple of years old and you don’t have any problems with your Internet, then this may be the case. Usually, though, there are many other factors that can negatively affect Internet performance levels. So, you may have to do some troubleshooting first. The first action you should take is to use Wi-Fi Check to test your Internet quality:

Wifi check
Wi-Fi Check is a user-friendly feature that will check your connectivity, download speed, network security, and DNS security. You can use the Wi-Fi Check on both public and private networks. It’s a handy tool for knowing if your phone’s lagging Internet is an internal or an external problem.

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Did the Wi-Fi Check show that your Internet is working flawlessly? No problem! Here are the top 3 solutions to an Android’s internal speed problems:

  1. Remove Unused Apps and Widgets

Forgetting to close or disable unnecessary apps and widgets can really affect your Internet speed. If an app exists on your home screen, it can eat up lots and lots of data while running silently in the background. Now, you don’t need to delete any apps to solve this problem. Simply remove the guilty apps from your home screen. They will still be in your apps folder, waiting and ready for when you want to use them.

If you have a lot of apps on your phone that you no longer use, that may be why your Internet is so slow — you have too many apps connected to the Internet! Use App Manager to quickly remove old, unused apps from your smartphone to speed up your device:


  1. The Cache Needs to be Cleared

Have you cleaned out your Android’s cache recently? Over time, apps and widgets can accumulate an impressive amount of stored megabits. The cache’s excess megabits of data actually serve no purpose to you. A full cache only slows everything down, including Internet speeds!

To manually empty out your cache, go into “Settings,” then open “Applications.” Choose any data-heavy app and press the “Clear Cache” button. You’ll have to clean each app individually with this method. To delete junk files and cache more quickly, use the Quick Cleanup feature to remove all useless files at the touch of a button:


  1. You Don’t Have an Ad Blocker

If your Android doesn’t have an ad blocker, certain websites can cause its performance to slow down. Indeed, ads have the potential to drain your monthly data allowance, too. There are several ad blockers available in the Google Play store, which can speed up your phone considerably.