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Tips for Keeping Your Android’s Photo Library Small

Smartphones let us capture the most important and surprising moments in our lives. Don't allow an overly full photo library prevent you from snapping a picture.

Phone cameras have come a long way since their first conception, and they are now a genuinely useful tool for completing many tasks, such as taking photos. But you’ll want to make sure you keep the library slim. You’ll often be surprised to find as you scroll through that you have multiple pictures of the same thing, sometimes saved in different places. For that purpose, use the duplicate photos feature. Click here to remove photos clogging up your device:


While phones haven’t quite come to rival the best digital cameras, they have benefits. Our phones are always with us and allow us to easily send and share photos. Transferring these photos to a computer can free up some room, but it means you won’t be able to whip out your phone and share a memory in the middle of a conversation with friends.

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Managing Your Photo Library
You don’t want to allow that photo library to become overly full, though. Besides slowing down your phone, you may also run out of room, and find yourself unable to capture the memory that’s happening right now. The great beauty of the phone camera is its ability to capture the surprising moments, moments you didn’t know were coming and that you would not normally have thought to bring a camera for. You don’t want to waste time scrolling through your library deleting pictures to free up space. By the time you’re done, there’s a good chance the moment will have passed.

So, how to pick which photos to have on your phone? You want a small enough number to allow for free space, but need some to show friends. So the real question becomes: What do you need immediate access to? Probably not selfies or even nice landscapes. If they’re nice enough you’ll probably have them up on social media, and be able to pull them up easily even if they’re not on your phone, and if they’re not nice enough to show to everyone you probably don’t need to show them to friends.

What you’ll really want are moments such as family events, parties, and achievements. It may sound like the sort of stuff your grandma would show to her friends, but maybe your grandma has the right idea about this — you want to be able to show off important life events, especially if they involve people you care about.