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How Many Apps Are “Too Many” For Your Phone

Is your Android too slow? If you have a lot of apps on your phone, that could be the reason why. Find out what you need to do to improve your phone speed.

Apps can be incredibly addicting; there is an app out there for pretty much everything. Hundreds of fun and productive options can be a bit overwhelming, but every Android user has their favorite apps, such as a beloved social networking app or an entertaining, time-killing game. But when all of these apps add up, you may notice that your phone is starting to slow down. That’s why you should uninstall all the apps you longer need or want. with App Manager:


You should uninstall apps you rarely use especially if they are always sending your location (like navigation apps) or always running in the background of your phone (like browsers or social networking apps). App Manager will show you all of your apps and allow you to quickly remove any unwanted ones in one screen, with one click.

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Just how many apps are too many for your phone to handle? Well, the answer is not a matter of how many applications you have downloaded, but how big and complex those apps are. For example, apps that use a lot of your phone’s resources, like Facebook or high-quality games, use up more memory than, say, a basic note-taking app.

Web browsers with a lot of tabs open can also slow your phone down. Even when you are not on the websites you keep open, you still have every single tab working in the background. In combination with various apps, this can eat up your phone’s CPU. Leaving apps on in the background also bogs down your memory. After you leave an app, make sure to clear your open applications. Not only does it slow down your processor, it eats up your battery, too.

There are many ways to improve your phone’s processing speed. First, make sure you do not max out your Android’s hard drive with apps. The more free space you keep, the better your phone can perform background tasks. Say you went through all of your apps and decide you cannot delete any more. If you want to make sure your phone is not getting excessively bogged down, try to leave at least 10% of your maximum hard drive space free. Doing so will give your phone apps some wiggle room. When you want to download apps in the future, make sure the apps do not take up excessive memory. This will help you to see faster performance in no time.