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Top 5 spookiest malware to avoid this Halloween

Don’t be a victim to malware’s same old tricks

Today is Halloween and aside from trick or treating and costume parties, we’re still finding ourselves face to face with security breaches that affect our personal data. There are 5 spooky malware threats lingering that remind us how important is to keep our Android’s safe. Unsure if your phone was affected? Click below to scan your device and keep your device safe.

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Top 5 threats:

  1. Dresscode (downloaded 100,000 and 500,000 times)

At least 3,000 trojanized apps use this specific variant where the attacker is granted an array of personal data when victims are connected to the same network.

  1. Ghost Push

Android devices that are running version 5 or lower are the direct target to this on-going threat. The attack is spread when users download outside of the Google Play store or merely click a deceptive ad.

  1. Selfie Malware

This one masquerades as an app that asks individuals to take a selfie. During the process, the malware executes a code in the background that asks users for personal information including card info and everyone’s weakness…the selfie.

  1. GM Bot

This malware, once antiquated, has made a reboot to affect the latest versions of Android including Marshmellow. The malware creates an overlay on your Android device, logging every key-stroke users make. GM Bot even locks and blocks calls.

  1. Lockscreen Ransomware

Now in a newly powerful and resilient form, Lockscreen is keeping people from unlocking their phones on the latest versions of Android, as well as demanding a steep ransom payment.

To stop all 5 malware in its tracks, click below to scan your Android device.

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