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The Top 5 Symptoms of a Hacked Smartphone

Has your smartphone started to behave abnormally? Here are some of the signs that your smartphone has been hacked — and what to do about it.

There are a lot of reasons that your smartphone may be acting abnormally. It may be because of a damaged battery, or it may be due to a factory flaw. But, it could be something else. If you recently downloaded a new app, downloaded a file, or clicked on a questionable link, you could have malware on your device. If your Android is suddenly behaving unusually, don’t waste another second. Run a Full Virus Scan to check for any security threats on your phone and SD card:

The Full Virus Scan will check all files and programs for malware. This will help you to determine if your phone has been behaving strangely due to spyware or a virus. Any malware that is found on your device will be quickly removed. The following are 5 signs your smartphone has been hacked. If you can recognize the signs of a hacked smartphone in time, you can remove the malware before it is able to fully compromise your device — and your personal information.

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  1. Your Battery Life is Much Shorter

A hacked smartphone will have a much shorter battery life. If your phone is suddenly dying after a few short hours, it could be because spyware or another type of malware is running in the background.

  1. Your Android is Performing Poorly

Your phone may be performing poorly due to a lack of memory, but it could also be due to malware running in the background of your phone. If your phone is suddenly lagging behind, freezing, refusing to load certain apps or web pages, or overheating, there may be malware on your phone.

  1. Your Data Usage Has Increased

If your phone bill shows a serious spike in data usage and other unusual charges — such as calls and texts to international numbers — then a hacker has gained access to your device. Although you may not notice this until your phone bill arrives, you can also check the data usage for each app on your phone. If one app — particularly an app you recently downloaded — is using much more data than it should be, then the app is likely malicious.

  1. Adware and Pop-Ups Have Appeared

This is a more obvious sign of a hacked smartphone. If pop-ups and advertisements are now appearing on your device, then your phone is surely infected.

  1. Your Android is Sending Unusual Messages

If friends, family, or acquaintances say that they receive a strange text, email, or Facebook message from you, then your phone and accounts have likely been hacked. If you’ve started to receive a lot of strange phone messages recently, this could also be a sign that a hacker has compromised your phone.