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The Top 6 Social Media Alternatives for Your Kids

As a parent, you can't help but worry about your child's foray into social media. Know that there are many safe alternatives out there to look into.

Nearly half of kids between the ages of 8 and 11 use social media. Like it or not, popular social media sites like Facebook are not a passing fad; they’re here to stay. And though Facebook restricts its users to be at least 13 years of age, birthdays are easy to fake. So how should parents handle the growing social media craze — which is practically a rite of passage and crucial social tool for pre-teens — while keeping them safe from harmful content and online predators? Luckily, there are plenty of safe (and even educational!) alternatives for your kids to explore. Here, we list our top 10 picks.

1) ScuttlePad

Think of ScuttlePad as entry-level social networking: connect with other kids via chat and messages, and share photos. Designed for users aged 6 through 11, this is just the basics to help them get their feet wet. All content, like photos and comments, are highly monitored to ensure parental approval.

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2) Skid-e-Kids

This safe online space offers a broader range of activities and features for its users. In addition to socializing, Skid-e-Kids allows children to play games, watch vetted, age-appropriate movies, and even get help with their homework.

3) Franktown Rock

Recommended for kids between the pre-Facebook ages of 8-12, Franktown Rock expands on some of the perks offered by other social media sites (like games, music, and movies) with a virtual world for kids to enjoy. Much like a multiplayer game, kids can go on quests, buy and play with virtual pets, and more. And it’s free!

4) Sweety High

This girls-only club has a high privacy standard. The social network site lets girls play and socialize, and provides a free space to express themselves creatively without worry. Your kids can engage in contests, write and perform songs, and encourage one another with hearts, gifts, and “karma points” for added rewards.

5) GiantHello

GiantHello is the ultimate Facebook alternative. The site hosts kids all the way up to 17, though kids under 13 require parental consent first. The site is imperfect (kids can get access to more violent games and be exposed to ads with uncensored content within those games), but still, comparatively, the site is significantly safer and more private.

6) Yoursphere

One of the safest alternatives out there, parents are actually required to undergo a background check for their kid’s account to be activated! Good for users up to 17 years of age, kids can enjoy basic socializing, game play, a virtual world to explore, and a community to be a part of.