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The Top 7 Android Apps Ever Created

There are a lot of great apps out there, but have you ever wondered which ones beat out all the rest? Look no further

With the thousands of apps currently available, it’s easy to say there’s an app for everything. But, based on personal preference, your list of favorites may be very different from your friend’s, sister’s, or next door neighbor’s. However, there are a few stand-out apps that have been immensely popular across the board, and are indisputably critical to our everyday lives, no matter who you are:

1. Google Drive

Without a doubt, Google Drive has altered the nature of our technological routines. Google Drive lets all your files be stored in one place, so you can see them anywhere, and share them with anyone. This app provides options for every technological need, from creating documents, to making spread sheets, to sending emails, and communicating with friends.

2. Facebook

As far as social media apps go, Facebook still rules the charts. It is the most downloaded app of all time on both iOS and Android, and can be found on essentially any smartphone across the globe. Facebook has become essential in our daily communication, and the popularity of the app reflects this trend.

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3. My Tracks

My Tracks is the health application of the Android world. It was developed by Google, and lets you monitor your exercise, and activity by tracking your path, speed, distance, and elevation for any movement you do. It also comes with a GPS function to record your exact path, and velocity. You can also track your heart rate, and speed distance.

4. Mint

As far as finances go, Mint is a very popular option for Android users. It pools all of your financial information so you can access your accounts from any location. Mint lets you track your spending, make budgets, and create a savings plan. Security-wise, Mint has intense passcode protection to make sure none of your information is ever stolen.

5. Tiny Flashlight

What is a cell phone without a flashlight at this point? The flashlight is a critical feature to any list when it comes to the most popular, and useful apps. No one actually buys real flashlights anymore (from what we can tell), and why would you when you can have access to something as convenient, and functional as the Tiny Flashlight app?

6. Snapspeed

This is the photo editing app for Android users. It is free, and has an incredible number of filters, effects, and alteration options. An app for photo editing is crucial to any phone, and this app is an immensely popular, and prominent option for the Android user.

7. Airdroid

Airdroid functions similarly to the Cloud for iOS users, but in an Android format. It permits wireless access to your Android phone or tablet from any browser or other device. This means you can share data with ease, and gain immediate access to all of your material.

There’s an App for That

Luckily for you, all of these apps are completely free for Android users! Make sure you download these top 7 apps to ensure your smartphone is living up to its full potential. Want to optimize your phone even further? Download PSafe TOTAL, and see how its antivirus software, and clean up tools can get your Android phone in top shape.